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Obituary for Carlos Jesus Sikes

Sunrise 7/2/51 ‘IN LOVING MEMORY’ Sunset 2/24/21
Carlos Jesus Sikes

Carlos was preceded in death by his loving parents Maria & Carlos Sikes, Sr. his cousins Tati & Margarita!!

From LaLisa, Cuba to Florida to New York to my final resting place of tranquility in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. This is where I am Friends. If you ever cross this bridge, or fly over the region, remember to say hi. It would be nice to hear from you.

To my precious familia, I will miss you all. You have imparted so many gifts of beauty, thought, patience and most of all your endearing qualities. Please earnestly know I have unwrapped all these gifts from each of you in many ornate ways. I have kissed the charm of your friendship and your magical kindness. I have nurtured the priceless moments we shared. I have laughed hard as much as I have cried. You made me happier and hopeful each day you showed up in my life. Your steady persistence in my purpose, comfort and strength, made it possible for me to engage in a dance of “I love life”. You inspired me with your resiliency of bravado, buoyancy, strength and intuition to elevate me.
I was so excited to receive my covid 19 vaccination, because my Spring desire was to sit outside in the sunny skies and kiss nature. Regrettably, it wasn’t meant to be.
I will miss all of my familia immensely. I will miss my dates with travel, food, helping humanity, dogs, NFL Team Redskins and most of all fond stories with each of you. I would even miss my own caustic joyful sarcasm. But, mostly, I will miss the student that I was of voraciously reading history.

When you do mourn, when you do grieve, just indulge in my reservoir of memories and take a big gulp of my laughter and all the fond moments we shared to ease your pain, and remember you have always given me more of life, not less of life. So, from hereon, don’t cry, but try to wake up to a Carlos rainbow of joy in your heart.

Again, thank you familia for being you. Thank you for challenging my inner fortitude, which helped eased my depression. You never wavered, you never gave up on me.

As the winds lazily scatter my ashes across the river like a veil plume of fog, I will always remember and whisper how precious you all are beyond words can imagine.

To: Seth, Eric, David, Ricardo, Paul, Diana, Pete & Dorie, Marilyn, Wally, Tony, Shenandoah Nursing Home, Bill, Patrick, Andre, Charles, John, Gerald, Alan, David Kittredge, Chris, Phyllis, Nonoy, Little Aaron & Brenda (who will so miss Carlos daily “Despacito” ringtone).
May all of your beauty be my eternal light. Until we meet again. Love to all, Carlos Sikes.